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Hi i am driving a vw passat 2001 1.6 i like the car a lot but in the summer the AC display stopped working. it is totally blank and i cant turn on the heat or AC. I am wondering what i can check before i go to the mechanic. i have another problem to, since it is getting cold and i dont have any heat, i decided to turn on the heat seater. it was nice getting my ass heated, but noticed a smell, when cables or metall overheat. so i wanted to turn of the heat seater, when i pressed the controll, it was so hot that it burnt my finger, i turn it off but seat was still getting warm. i turn off the car, but the heat in my seat is still on. i dont know what to do, i asked everyone, and they dont know either, so i decided to make new friends here on this forum, and maybe get some help.

I took out the fuse for the seat heater and check it agian if it got cold, if not i will have to take out the battery, so my car doesnt burn :p

i checked all my fuses visually, and it looked fine for me, is there any other fuses i need to look for the AC?

thank you
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