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HELP!!!! 2001 VW Jetta engine light on?

Hi,I completely adore my car but a few months ago the engine light came on.I took it to the dealership and they read me 3 codes (can't remember which ones they were) but I took care of those and the engine light still came on so I kinda gave up on it since the car ran great and I had taken care of the problems given by the dealership, now the engine light is still on and I really want to take care of it, so I took it to autozone to get the codes and they gave me 4 codes that puzzled the guy because we had just barely changed the 2 oxygen sensors and one of those was concerning the oxygen sensors (rich/overflow oxygen) then I took it to a VW/Audi specialty shop and the guy read me 6 codes and he was puzzled too because "if the codes are on then your car should not be able to start... and we just test drove your car on the freeway",
also the shifting lever (whatever it's called) is not matching the dashboard and when it shifts to overdrive it's not smooth, so I was adviced to take care of this before the transmission gets damaged...
OH! and the last one, the oil signal keeps coming on too! after I got an oil change at the VW dealership

Im just tired of paying $100 at the dealership every time I basically have a question!!!! any ideas????

p.s the car still runs with no problem, except the 2nd gear shifting thing...but the oil noise and the check engine are just really annoying me!

Additional Details:
Everytime the oil light comes on I check the oil level and it's fine, the dealership told me that it needed new wires,which I bought and replaced and it still comes on even after the oil was barely changed
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