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Hello All!

I am currently a 2016 Golf TSI driver. I got into a lease (shouldn’t have) and am currently 20k miles over. The car has had some issues the moment it went over 50k. This has caused me to change my thought of buying it out. I put about 2k miles/month on it for work and live in the desert. Right now I am weighing my options as far as what car t get into next. I love the wagons, and feel that a wagon will be the best choice for me. A family friend at the dealership is helping me out and buying my lease out.
I am currently looking at 2 used 2011 TDI Wagons with 40k miles on them. They are priced at 10k. I drove them and they felt great, but I have no knowledge on Diesel engines. With how much I drive does anyone see issues arising that would offset the savings of the car? My car payment would be halved if I were to go TDI, but the assurance of a new car is always a plus. The new Golf Wagons are awesome, and I see no issues worth them. I mostly want information on the wagons TDIs!
Please advise!
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