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New member here, I guess i'll go through the basics and let you all know a little about myself.

Nissan Certified Technician
ASE Master Auto Technician
7 Years in the industry

24 years old, Married, with a black lab and crazy cat.

I currently rock a 06 Reflex Silver GLI M6, REVO Stage 2, 3 in downpipe, chopped up air box, Atmospheric BOV. She runs great, but is currently hurt badly from an incident a few years ago involving a guard rail. So if you have any Drivers side panels (already got a drivers door skin, just need the drivers side rear door skin and front left fender), just PM me! For the right price (cheap) i'm interested.

I'm pretty good on the technical stuff, so if you have any questions I always love a good diagnosis when a vehicle is sick.

I also love motorcycles, did ride until I totalled my 09 CBR600RR. Had a highside in cold weather/cold tires. 3rd time down, sticking to cars for a while unless i'm off road.

So anyway, thats me. Look forward to seeing you around.

- Ben
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