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Hey yall so i bought a 1981 vw rabbit diesel. love the car hasnt been on the actual road yet. but was in the last year. alot of problems happened to it with the previous owner and ive been rebuilding it since. it runs and drives good right now. going to put a new timing belt on it haha. the only issue i have now is the previous owner said it runs out of gas at half a tank. does fine till it reaches a certain point. anyone know anything about this or have any ideas?? i havent ran into this problem yet becuase i put diesel in it and havent ran it low enough yet to even be below 3/4 haha if anyone has any insight that would be awesome because im supposed to be driving this baby from washington to southern california haha thanks for the help and im happy to be apart of the VW community!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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