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My name is Daniel Alejandrino. I just joined this forum recently because I've been looking for a mk4 gti like crazy recently. I was hoping to find some advice on what to look for and hopefully find one to buy on here. I've been looking for a 2002-2004 gti 1.8t specifically. I prefer stick shift, and I prefer blue, gray, or black. If anyone has one for sale PM me! I live in the bay area but I am willing to drie a couple hours north or south of Oakland.

I've been trying to sell my current car right now. I own a 1987 BMW 325is E30. It's getting way too expensive for me to own because it gets 16.2 mpg to a gallon combined and I have to put 91 octane because it's chipped. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM and I'll give you the details! Im asking for around $5K but It's not a firm price.

When I was searching for my first car I actually was looking for a GTI but i couldn't find a decent one and I wanted a car really badly because I had just gotten my license. My dad showed me this car and I immediately fell in love with it. I put a lot of hard work in it, but I can't afford to put anything in it anymore. I love the car to death, but now I want a stock car that gets good MPG (well anything better than mine haha).

When I modded my BMW I had a 16 year old mind set so some of the mods are what people call "ricer" and I've tried to make it tasteful again, but now I just want to start over on a more practical car. I understand that these cars aren't really fix-it-up cars because they're "newer", but I hear that they are easily modifiable. I really hope I find one soon because I absolutely love euro cars and I need a good commuter car for school.

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