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Well guys I want to introduce myself.

I just today have purchased a 2003 20th Anniversary edition GTi, and hope to get to know you all and your cars soon!

I will be sure to get pictures of it up ASAP


On another note, being this seems to be the only place I can post right now, I figured I might as well add this.

I bought the car today, and everything has been fine. Night time came, I turned on my lights and everything was going great. I stopped at home to grab some food, and when I came back to the car and turned it on, the dash lights and center console lights would not come on.

I did the following:
-Turned dimmer switch to each extreme
-set the headlight switch to every possible position
-took out headlight switch completely, and re-plugged it
-checked fusebox (Everything seems to be ok, I saw no blown fuses)

However I did notice that the headlight switch/nob does glow red when the headlights are off, but as soon as I turn it, the light goes off.

The center console is functional (the radio is on and I can use all of its components) there is just no light to let me see anything in the dark.

Also, on the dash I can see the cluster lights when I turn on the car (Checkengine, airbag, ect..) But the dash its self is also not illuminated at all.

Can someone please help a noob?

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Hi, My names Bryan, i'm 73, I live in Reigate Surrey, and I own a 2002 Golf gti
An astra 1.4, A Merc C200, and a Corsa 1.4 SE, oh and a Bedford Rascal.!
I repair cars for a living but am always ready to learn a bit more.! Hope to pick up a few tips from other members experiences.
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