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Hello everyone, new user here with a quick question for everyone. I'm going to go look at a 88GTI 2 door today and possibly purchase it for 600. The thing is they mentioned that it needs a new knock sensor, i was able to find some online but was curious wether or not this was something i would be able to do by myself or if i should take it somewhere and have a professional do it.

I have very little mechanical experience, the most i've done is change cylinders, pistons, wiring on old vintage mopeds... working on a car engine is something completely foreign to me.

also they mentioned that last night it will turn over, but not start... could this be due to knock sensor or does it sound like something else? i think ive read somewhere that it will run with a bad knock sensor, just use higher grade fuel...

any help would be appreciated.
take care friends
Jonathan Jolly
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