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Hopefully I do not annoy you guys too much on the Beetle but I am in need of some mechanical info and thought id sign up here to see if I could narrow some answers I have down and solve some issues and make some much needed repairs.

I have many questions involving the car and I have not worked on cars really, and am kind of green, but then again kinda not.

I have worked in the automotive industry for quite a while servicing helium testers, hydraulics benders, endformers, etc. for more than 4 years now, have a certificate in all around maintenance and have an idea of generally everything I need to know about pressured systems and general mechanics.

If I dont know it I can usually study it for an hour or so to fully or close to fully understand what I am working on and what to check for before going out to buy a complete replacement.

I believe this Beetle is an 01 1.8L GLS model, I was told they lost 2nd gear and replaced one of the OSS or ISS sensors, not sure which one, 2nd came back but it will not shift into overdrive.

I have bought the ISS and OSS sensor to replace today, after that we will go from there...

My main issue is really this question I have,

When I am driving the car I do not feel it shift at all, it runs smooth from 0-50 ish, I do not feel it shift though and it does not seem to have a high rev sound like I am maxing out a 1st gear.

Instead the rpms can go from 1.5k to around 3-4k+, again though this doesnt seem to sound like a high rev but a smooth transition, and I do not hear any shifting, nor do I see the rpms downshift during 0-50.

Which area should I post this problem to, thanks for reading, and as a precaution all oil/trans fluid has been properly replaced by me and filters changed in both systems.

I am also driving this around yes but trying to keep it around 2.5k rpms until I know this is normal or fix the issue. Oil changes will also follow every 1000 miles until issues are resolved. Coolantr and oil checked bi-daily.
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