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Hi my names chris and im new to the forum. I'm having some car trouble and am looking for some experienced jetta owners to help me out. Here's my issue if anyone can grant some insight into it. I'd really appreciate it


My mothers 2003 Volkswagon is giving us some major problems; here's a brief history.

Almost 2 weeks ago, one night after work, my mom's Jetta wouldn't start. We brought it to a shop, but when they looked at it the next day, it started right up. It seemed to work well for about 36 hours but then wouldn't start again. We got it towed to the shop once more (using our last AAA tow) and they looked at it over the following week. They said it didn't start for them at first, but they got it to somehow, and a code came up for the "crank" impulse sensor. They replaced it, and all seemed well. 24 hours later (similar to the amount of time we had it before), we were stranded in a parking lot for the third time; it wouldn't start. That was earlier this afternoon and we are going to have it towed to the shop again tomorrow morning.

Some specifics:

- The engine cranks fine, but won't start
- The battery is only a month old, and tested fine. We did notice an annoying humming sound coming from the back of the car (on the inside) though that wasn't there before, around the time the battery was changed. Correlation is not causation, but it did appear at the same time, and sounds like the area the fuel pump would be. The humming changes in pitch when we use the electricity (rolling up windows, turning on lights, air, etc)
- According to the shop owner, however, the fuel pump is fine. I wonder though, could a fuel pump fail in this manner, where it works fine sometimes and is dead during others? It seems like something is working for a day or so, and then "dying out" or something.
- I'm not sure about spark plugs, but I'm hoping my mechanic checked them.
- After trying to start the car, I hear a strange high pitched electrical buzz/whine coming from the engine. Is this normal, could this mean an electrical issue?
- The car drives fine once it starts. No stuttering or loss of power. It's all or nothing at all.

We're concerned because it doesn't seem like the shop can figure out what is wrong with it, and since it starts intermittently, but then fails a day later, the issue is difficult to pinpoint. What issue would cause the car to not start at all, and then, like magic, start up no problem after resting for a day or two, and then drive perfectly? We can't keep affording tows and rental cars, and we would REALLY appreciate some outside help or insights.

thanks so much!
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