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Hi! First of all: I'm new here, so hi! Second, I'm norwegian so i will try make myself as clear as possible, but keep my nationality in mind.

I have a 2006 Passat 2.0 TDI, with as dsg gearbox. When i start up my car and leave it idling for a few seconds, the noise appears. Normally this only happens when the engine is cold, but it may happen otherwise as well. The noise appears occasionally as the gearbox shifts down from 3rd to 2nd as well.

Its some kind of "banging" noise, or clonk noise if you will. The noise disappears as i push the gas pedal in idle, but sometimes it reappears after a few seconds. The car is also vibrating a bit more than what is to be considered normal for my car.

Here is a video i recorded a few days ago, where the sound is very noticeable:

So what do you guys think? flywheel?
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