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Hi I'm Erik. Now the owner of a 2007 Beetle... having a problem with the radiator fan. I couldn't post in the MK5 forum for some reason...

The only radiator fan runs continuously (on turbo speed) anytime the key is in the ON position. There is only ONE fan in this vehicle. The engine does not overheat. Fan does NOT run when the key is NOT in the ignition. I can't tell if the fan runs at low speeds or turns on with the A/C because it is always running super fast turbo noisy speed.

VW dealer said it would cost $1500 to replace the fan and the fan controller. (parts are ~$700).

I've read many threads about "MacGyver" rigging some new resistors... or replacing thermal switches. I took the car to autozone and their scanner said the problem was the fan controller module... said I should replace the fan controller relay for $117 (but the part isn't available... can't even order it through autozone).

My wife is ready to pay the dealer $$$$$ to fix it. I'm trying to avoid that huge bill.

My best guess is that there is a temperature sensor that's bad, resulting in the computer thinking the fan needs to run turbo speed. All other threads I've found on this issue are for older VWs... seems like the coolant relays have been removed since 2003/4.

Any help or troubleshooting advice is greatly appreciated!

(I will repost this in appropriate forum once my account has been fully enabled...)
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