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Hi I have a 2014 GLI Autobahn with the 18 inch rims and low profile tires. I have had two tires already show up with bumps on them. I had to have them replaced. Now I have another bump on a front tire as of last night. I've had this car for only a couple months and as you can assume, I'm really feeling it financially at this point.

The roads I drive on every day are just too rough for sensitive tires like this and I can't let this continue. I want to know what the best option is. Should I switch to 17s or would that still leave me with low profiles? I'm willing to buy 16s but will they fit? At this point I just need for tire wall because I can't afford new tires every month.
According to your condition as you have said is much better that you may have need off road tyres they work well for you. else you can also check their warranty and their features. You may need to check the below thing for each tyres for best use. these all have need to maintain to stay long with tyres.
1. Air pressure
2 Speed rating
3 Wight
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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