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I am looking at the LED projector headlights on esctuning.com, i am trying to figure out if they would look good on my black 06 Jetta?! i really like the styling but i want to know what others think as well.. Also, i was wondering what sort of bulbs should i put in them, i new to projector style headlamps!

And second, i am looking for a new set of tires, what is the best tire to put on the jetta? i went cheap this time (mastercrafts) NEVER AGAIN!!! so much road noise, unstable feel, terrible traction, etc... i really dont have a price range, but it needs to be an all season tire since i live in ohio. I was looking at the Michilin alpin HP ZP tire on tirerack, but even they dont seem to have much in the way of all season.. i just want a tire with a very nice ride! and no noise.....
link for the headlamps:
Volkswagen Jetta V 2.5 > Lighting > Headlights > ES#1899259 LED Projector Headlight Set, Clear/Black - Pair - 82365

Thanks for any advice!:vwf:
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