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New visitor to forum, had VW 73 beetle long time ago, was best car ever. Oh well no more cars made like that anymore..
Anyways over 40 years later...am driving 2001 Jetta AZG 2.0. Bought it 6 years ago with 120k miles..did stuff here and there to keep her runnin. Fans, radiator, installed rebuilt alternator, fixed rebuilt alternator myself, timing belt, water pump, fan controllers 2 times, ended up bypassing them a year ago and using temp controlled relays. Car was damaged about 2 years ago when I forgot to attach a radiator hose properly..overheated at that moment...used block sealer year ago..tranny started getting notchy into first last year checked tranny was dry...added gear oil problem gone..
and still kept her runnin..I normally drive about 60 miles per day 55 of those highway, in addition to other trips. I do not exceed 70mph and do baby the pedal when I drive. As you can see I am not a pro tech but I just keep it runnin.

Now, at 278000 miles I have a new and challenging issue to deal with!

Driving along 40 mph, temp normal, ac on, no previous issues..Car suddenly dies. I mean really dies. Starter will turn motor but doesn't fire up. Was with my kids did quick look at timing belt, had fuel, but was getting late so had it towed vs trying to fix on site..was a good decision not to try at that time.

So, once at my base of operations I began my tests.
fuses- all good at side of door area
fuses-all good at engine area
Spark-yes pulled cable and did spark test,wasnt brightest ever but should have fired up.
Fuel-had mom switch ignition key to on while I listened to fuel pump, it made normal sound, also had voltage.
Fuel-sprayed thrust starter spray into manifold and cranked..did not fire up.
tried detach battery cable and re attach to see if ecu? nothing still did not fire.

So I went into more detail:
New ignition coil pack and tried it to see if better spark would help-nothing so Ireturned it.
Checked voltage at fuel injectors, one line constant 12.6v other pulsating on crank, seemed OK but nothing.
Checked all fuses in engine area again, and checked to see if the ecm relay clicked, they do when key is turned.

checked all fuses again at driver door side compartment, all intact However..
measured voltages at the fuses marked engine critical #29,32,34,and 43. did notice something interesting but not sure what it meant.
#32 and 34 had 10.2 V on line side during crank. #43had only 1.3V line side..hmm

checked under the steering area:
all relays click when key is turned, However did find one burned fuse upper right 10A I replaced it and...
drum roll please..
Nothing, nada, Zilch..Kaput..

Any ideas out there in internet land I hope my ECM didn't fry somehow..

I still dont understand why she wont fire if spark is present even when I spray starter fluid into engine..
have never seen that before, it should at least sputter or backfire or explode or catch on fire..

Thanks in advance,

Hope my puzzle is stimulating to those minds that love fixing things and keeping them running..

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