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SO after a very short run with the previous attempt to get back into the VW world, (see previous intro here - http://www.vwforum.com/forums/f67/back-saddle-again-41012/), I've gone and done it again. Only this time I scored a good one.

Yesterday, I bought a 2012 GTI with a mere 8K on the clock. It's got the DSG gearbox so I'm sure I'll have fun with that. After all, I've been driving a manual for the last fourteen years; so I deserve a break for a while. As GTIs go, this one seems a bit basic. It's said to have the Autobahn package. It's got a very simple stereo and Bluetooth and that's really it. I'm not a fan of leather and just my luck, there is none in this - it's all PLAID and that made it perfect for me!

One thing that is an issue so far is this; How the Hell do I program my iPhone 5S in the stereo? I've managed to get it to pair up OK, but I can't for the life in me figure out how to enter info into the screen where it wants me to create user profile and so on. Any offers for help would be great.

Until then, I'll be having fun just driving!!!
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