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Heyy All,

I'm pretty new to all this car business, just bought myself a VW Golf Mk3 Estate 1.8 in Burgandy, some swish alloys with low profile tyres, coilovers front and rear and a momo dish wheel. Got a couple of issues that I'd like help with but other than that I'm ready to read and learn as much as possible!

Name- Freddie
Town- Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Age- 18
Employment- Self Employed Bike Mechanic

My Car -

The lad I bought it off had an oil problem... He sold it to one of his friends and after his friend driving it back to their house (half a mile up the road) the oil light came on and apparently the oil pump had stopped feeding the block oil, so they drove it back to this lads house (the guy I'm buying it from) and had a refund, since then he's bought an oil pump and it needs fitting.

I am unsure whether or not the car will be okay after running that long without oil feed to the block, so this is what I need help with. Any help would be appreciated!

Vdub Novice,
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