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Hi guys. I’ve got a 2016 golf 1.4 TSi. Bought from a VW dealership in Aug 20.
I was driving home from work the other night and there was a strong smell of fuel and loss of power. Pulled into a service station and there was fuel everywhere.

The AA came out and said I was lucky it hadn’t caught fire it was only due to the position of the injector that it didn’t.

So the car goes back to the dealership. They call me the next day and say bolts are missing from the rail and I must have had work done on the car - which I haven’t. The guy says so your denying that.

I’m now left with a £350 bill and a kind of like it or lump it attitude from VW. It just doesn’t sit right as the only work I’ve had done is at the dealership a month before this happened. Should I swallow the
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