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*Install* DUBSTOP : Rear Window Diffuser, Rear Spoiler

We are pleased to bring you a small writeup & install on behalf of DUBSTOP International.

Products: VW Passat B5 and B5.5 ('98 - '05) M3 type Rear WindowDiffuser - Polyurethane

The second product is similiar to this one VW Passat B5 and B5.5 ('98 - '05) M3 type Rear Spoiler Lip - Polyurethane, slightly different, don't think they offer it right now on their website but call for more info.

I first recommend hitting the poly with some 400 grit sandpaper to allow a better stick for the primer

I used some Primer by Plastic-Kote, I hit the spoilers with 3 coats

after 20 mins of drying in the nice warm sun (with a breeze) I applied 3-4 coats of the Black, I also used Plastic-Kote, I also hit it with 2 coats of clear

Allowed another 3 hours to bake in the sun

They come pre-taped with 3M double face so it was a simple pull off and stick on. Since they were sitting in the sun they were easy to bend.

close up of the top

& some glam shots

Special thanks to Rus @ DUBSTOP for the hookup!

Website: http://www.dubstopimports.com or call toll free @ 1.800.987.DUBS
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