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Activity has dropped a bit on one of my normal forums, so thought I'd check vwforum out. I know no one likes reading so I will hope straight to the pictures.

the 2.0, my first VW.

then vette wheels somewhere around 08ish

my awesome editing skillz

then the deer :(

the replacement '03 GLI with only 25k miles. I think this was in 2009??

48 hours into owning it....dumbass drunk driver.

didn't do much for a while, then got air and the ronals

ditched the air and ronals and tried to sell the car. which resulted in the brocks

I have since sold the Brocks and I am currently on aristos.

Picked up a Euro R32 full Fis cluster, and an R wheel I got rewrapped. The cluster was a fun process to get instlled and I love the outcome.

I'll get better pictures in the light today. But I couldn't wait to post this. :wave:

Most recent shot of my car at WBTB in Louisville.

I have been working with MemoryFab on a new set of wheels and this is what we ended up with.

Air is going on in the next week, and the wheels will go on after that is completed.

Here is a list of mods as I know I haven't added everything I have done to the timeline just yet:

  • Retros-FXR's, dual ambers
  • 04 trunk with Euro tub welded in
  • Pzwo mirrors and grill
  • Amber turns
  • Custom amber tails
  • R32 aero wipers
  • Chrome rubs
  • Rieger 4mo
  • Shaved GLI rear
  • GLI skirts
  • Lexans
  • Shark fin antenna

  • Black headliner swap
  • GLI aluminum trim
  • Beetle headrests
  • Euro R32 Cluster
  • Custom wrapped R32 wheel
  • GLX parcel shelf with sunshade
  • GLI shift knob and boot
  • TT pedal set
  • C-pillar brace
  • 04+ center console
  • Euro switch

  • 18x8.5 et19 Nitto NeoGen 205/40
  • 18x9.5 et22 Nitto NeoGen 215/40

  • Accuair Elevel
  • 5 gallon seamless
  • AZ Ob2
  • Performance fronts
  • SS5 rears
  • 3/8" lines
  • TT Spindles and LCA's

  • R32 front/rear brakes, drilled and slotted rotors Hawk HPS pads
  • C2 Race Tune
  • Magnaflow catback and custom down pipe with a cat delete
  • stage 1 BFI dogbone

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So clean, all of them.

Those lens guards give me a half chub.

Being a mod on vortex starting to get to you? Lol. Much more laid back here.
maybee haha

Wooo Marc's here!

And now I'm the mod ;)
woah change of pace haha.

Lock his thread.
do eeetttt

looked great with the ronals. definitely wanna see the new wheels on there though.
appreciate it, and me too.

nice lights :)
that they are haha. :wave:

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got a few things done this week in preparation for this weekend.

Also another piece to the puzzle arrived, IDF brackets for the SS5's. Just waiting on my compressor now.

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