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Introduce yourselves!

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Welcome to VWForum. We're here to help you and answer your questions, but we'd like to get to know our members a little bit so we can help a little better.

Introduce yourself! This is a forum full of people, can't hurt to get to know a few!

I'll give an example of a good format for making an introduction.

Name: Cody
Location: Dubuque, Iowa, U.S.A.
Age: 19
Occupancy: Home theater and car audio installation and sales
School (if any): University of Wisconsin Platteville

Hobbies: Home theater, car audio, cars (duh), music, my girlfriend, project days at my garage

How'd you find the forum?: The waterpump on my car broke while test driving it at the stealership so I had to find out what was wrong with it somehow! Liked this place and been here a year and some change!

Pic of me (completely optional):

(me and my girlfriend)

The good stuff!

The car: Mark IV 2003 Volkswagen Bora 1.8L Turbo (AWP)
Color: Reflex silver
Pictures of the car:

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Job:Hyundai technician
Hobbies: cars, kayaking
Car:2004 Jetta 1.8t awp
Mods: Bagged, c5 corvette wheels, stage 2 euro customs tune, converted full interior from grey to black leather, gli side skirts and rear lip
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Hey Guys.
Im Bruno from Toronto.
Been a German car enthusiast for centuries. Always owned German cars.
Currently i own a 2017 BMW 5 Series , and recently purchased a B7 Passat TDI.
The only non German vehicle in my garage is my 2014 Kawasaki ZX14R.
Trying to freshen up my B7 Passat soon; so hopefully i can get some ideas here from you ladies and gents!
Hi all! First VW, first time in the forum.

I snagged one of the last Alltracks with a manual.


I‘m loving it so far.

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My name is Mike, I am in Raleigh, NC, USA. Currently the happy owner of a (bought new) 2019 Rabbit. Well, I guess they call them the Golf now. My rear badge says Rabbit, 16V. I digress. Mods: legal tint and not yet installed fitted seat covers and fake alarm light. We had two bugs and a bus growing up and I had a Passat V6 when married.

Best cars: 1987 CRX Si I bought new when I came back from the Army. 28 years I had, 15 as a daily driver. I had to let that go and all my tools and 50 years of spare parts when I moved from a house to a townhouse. Second best: 2007 Mini Cooper. That thing was HUGE compared to the CRX. Double in size. Quickest: BMW 323 2 door. One smooth ride until it was totalled by an idiot.

Speaking of which I was almost killed when my Mazda 3 was totalled by an idiot. Then, a Countryman that had a doctored CarFax which wiped me out financially for a while. Thus, enter the 2019 Rabbit, with warranty and service plan.

Once my daughter is able to drive I will go back to driving a small car.
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HI EVERYONE!!!!!! So I just got a 98 cabrio and i'm SO trying to get to love her especially since i lost my other love recently, a 98 jetta, she runs bomb, ESPECIALLY for being 22 yrs old with only 75,000 miles! just a couple of minor issues one being my drivers side window regulator! my main question is WHAT OTHER VEHICLES CAN I USE PARTS OFF OF????
Hello all. I have recently acquired a 2001 passat.
Hello all. I have recently acquired a 2001 passat.
P.lease direct me to forums that are about the Passat. I'm especially interested in forums that involve body kit mods, front bumper changes etc. I need to replace/change my front bumper.
Greetings to all, I'm a new member just joining today. I hope everyone is surviving this Winter's recent snow storms and staying safe from Covid 19. I'm retired and in my spare time I enjoy tinkering around my garage, especially maintaining my cars: '02 Jetta, '03 Passat, '18 Tiguan, and an unrestored '88 Chevy pickup. I've done a few updates on the VWs, including leather seats, radios, and some more involved work, e.g. timing belts, heater core exchanges, repairing non-working power windows. Some more involved projects that I would like to tackle are swapping the automatic trannys in the Jetta and Passat to manuals (I despair that manual transmissions are becoming rarer in the new vehicles being manufactured these days). I'm also interested in totally electric vehicles and anxiously await what is coming down the pike, e.g. VW , Tesla, Aptera. So, I'm really happy to be able to join this forum and look forward to exchanging ideas with members. One immediate question I have concerns turbo chargers, so I will post in the appropriate thread. Thank you.
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Hey folks.
Driven BMW & Mercedes but I always come back to the Dubs...
Currently I've an '00 MK IV Golf 1.8T & '19 MK VII Jetta.

Thinking about getting a '13 CC or B7 1.8T. Which is the better buy?
Both are Passat models but which is more reliable?
Hello everyone I just got done with my car, so I am happy.
Please take a look at it if you want.
Tony Tilleman 2017 Volkswagen Jetta GLI
I am so glad to find you.
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My first VW was an '02 Passat Wagon. I loved that car. I'm on my second - '20 Passat SEL.
Name is Cole, just bought my first VW at 17. Have a MK7 GTI with a light tune, 6spd. Stoked to join the community and hear about yall's GTI's etc. Cheers !
Hi there.
Long story short.
Jesper from Denmark, have some old aircooled vws and a 2007 skoda Octavia. 1.6fsi.... which is how I stumbled acroos this forum...
Best to you All.
im new I’m Jess I’m 37 and I live in Melbourne aust.
I own a 2012 Tiguan.
Hello everyone I just got done with my car, so I am happy.
Please take a look at it if you want.
Tony Tilleman 2017 Volkswagen Jetta GLI
I am so glad to find you.
That's sick bro
Hi everyone. New guy, rolling in a 2012 CC R-LINE 2.0 that is currently stage 2 tune, custom intake, K04 turbo, down pipe. It's winter time so I'm riding on Audi Q5 18s with michelin's. Looking into taking the car farther up the HP ladder so looking for ideas for stage 3.
Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle
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my wife has a 1989 cabriolet. i am the designated crew chief. i am looking for assistance trouble shooting the motor. currently the idle is 'rough', meaning it is dropping from 800 to 600. does anyone have a diagram that identifies the various parts that are under the hood?
i am new to Volkswagens.
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