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Introduce yourselves!

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Welcome to VWForum. We're here to help you and answer your questions, but we'd like to get to know our members a little bit so we can help a little better.

Introduce yourself! This is a forum full of people, can't hurt to get to know a few!

I'll give an example of a good format for making an introduction.

Name: Cody
Location: Dubuque, Iowa, U.S.A.
Age: 19
Occupancy: Home theater and car audio installation and sales
School (if any): University of Wisconsin Platteville

Hobbies: Home theater, car audio, cars (duh), music, my girlfriend, project days at my garage

How'd you find the forum?: The waterpump on my car broke while test driving it at the stealership so I had to find out what was wrong with it somehow! Liked this place and been here a year and some change!

Pic of me (completely optional):

(me and my girlfriend)

The good stuff!

The car: Mark IV 2003 Volkswagen Bora 1.8L Turbo (AWP)
Color: Reflex silver
Pictures of the car:

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Hello everyone,

My name is Michael, and i am a Mechanical Engineer
I drive a Golf GTI.
In addition, I am a co-owner of a newly formed start-up company (MB Engineering Intelligence) that launches a product (Inlet / Intake manifold) for the automotive industry specially to the 2.0 TSI - TFSI engines of the VW - Audi Group.

Basic specs are :
1) Dual Plenum with geometrical designed flow strangulation so it can perform the maximum even at the low revs.
2) 1 to 5 Optional Water / Methanol injectors.
3) 4 optional fuel injectors + Fuel Rail bar.
4) Wider input for larger Throttle.
5) Increased Volume Supply with CFD simulation study for the maximum flow efficiency.

The official production release will commence at June. Until then we have some prototypes in our hands which we are continuously improving and testing.
I would love to share with you the progress of our inlet manifold and get you updated regarding the test and Dyno results on our concept car.

Your feedback on this will be welcome and valuable.


Excuse my extend introduction but i am really enthusiast for the sport.

Happy to be a member of your team!
Keep safe and passion motivated.

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Hi everyone !

My name is Antho and i'm from belgium 🍺
I'm a sport teacher and my hobbies are ... the sport x) and my car of course
It's a 2018 Tiguan R-Line Tungstein Silver :love:

How I find the forum? I m searching how to have wireless android auto on my discover media 3 that have android auto by cable ...
Hello everyone.
I'm Dionysis from UK.
Stonemason/sculptor and amateur astronomer on the side.
I drive a yellow VW Lupo SDI (my favourite 100%) and a VW Polo SDI.
Trying to bring the Lupo as close to it's showroom state and last week I got the SDI polo so I can start the process on the Lupo side.
What's up everyone.

My name is Lane. I'm from the east coast U.S. and I went to school for mechanical engineering. I just got a new Mk8 GTI S 6MT and I'm already in love. Looking forward to learning a lot and meeting more vw people!
Hello, im from Serbia
I own golf 5 1.6 102hp with lpg 2008...
Hello All-
Out of beautiful Central PA.
Started out w/ mom's beetle in 1973.
2011 Touareg
2011 Jetta SEL
And lingering parts from VWs past.
Greetings --
New member, owner of a 2013 Jetta Sportwagen, 2.5L automatic trans, puchased new from dealer in 2014. It has an issue with sunroof/sunshade which I'll detail in a separate post in appropriate subforum. I find these online forums to be very helpful sometimes in figuring out how best to solve a problem.
Hi all -
I'm Peri from WA state. I'm looking for little bits and pieces that have broken over the years, but overall my car is in pretty good shape. Let me know if you're nearby and have pieces to share/sell for a 1990 vw cab!
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Name: Mike
Location: Clayton, Delaware
Age: 49
Occupancy: Correctional Officer(Sgt.)
School (if any): Cheyney University

Hobbies: Being with family, college football(Rutgers fan), old school hiphop (1982-2002), old school wrestling(1977-86), working out/physical fitness

1 of the reps in the Parts dept at VW Wilmington told me about this forum. My cousin had this 2002 VW Beetle GLS 2.0 with 87k sitting in his driveway for the past 3 years so every know and then i would ask questions about it. This past January i heard a couple talking heads saying gas prices would be going through the roof this spring so I bought the Beetle off him for $1k. I took it to VW for a diagnosis test. It was in great condition for being 20 years old I had the timing belt changed out oil/air filters changed, brakes rotors calipers changed along with new tires. I had a Passat in the early 2000s and LOVED it! Trying to upgrade the music system with changing the speakers and head unit and figure out what this static like sound i hear off and on when driving that seems to be coming from the center console under the head unit. I'm a 6'3 300 so I had to tint the windows tired of folks laughing at me lol. I plan on having this for hopefully another 5-10 years. Thanks for having me!
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New to group. Been looking on here for a couple years and just decided to join.
Name: Anthony
Live: Fruita, CO
Age: 37

I have a mkiii Jetta that my Grand Mother gave me cause she got a new one. I have done a couple of things to it but nothing special. Hope to learn more stuff thanks.
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New to group. Been looking on here for a couple years and just decided to join.
Name: Anthony
Live: Fruita, CO
Age: 37

I have a mkiii Jetta that my Grand Mother gave me cause she got a new one. I have done a couple of things to it but nothing special. Hope to learn more stuff thanks. View attachment 17996
Ooooo she purttty
Yo yo.. I am new to forum world for my Volkswagen. Not forums in general but just for my car LOL. I joined because I am having to hold on to my Golf GTI for purposes of department of transportation in holding on to for proof of ownership in Washington State, due to buy in the vehicle without the title, and the previous owner neglecting to give me the title LOL (yes it was legally purchased haha). So now I just have to hold on to the car for 3 years to prove my worth LOL.. no but seriously, I wanted to get on a forum that I could rely on for miscellaneous information and as well share my whip.
My name is JJ R. 29 years old stepfather to two daughters, a 13-year-old and 6-year-old. Having my first born due on the 24th of Augus...so this month. Oh Lord time is flying. I am up in Washington state, Eastern Washington. Little big place called Tri-Cities. I drive a little Frankenstein v-dub, the shell is a standard 2000 golf, with the meat and brains of a 2002 MK4 2.8 l dual overhead cam non-turbo 5-speed VR6. I wish it was a 6 speed, and I have been seriously thinking about slapping a turbo in it.. I like that boost haha. I got to dig for a photo of my car as I have transferred phones three different times in the last month it seems.
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Hey everyone!

I just traded in my much loved Mini JCW 2-door hardtop for a 2016 VW Golf R - tornado red with DCC and a manual transmission. I loved my Mini, but after owning a Golf for a few weeks - I GET THE HYPE. Build quality is great, the driving experience is phenomenal, and the thing is just so damn practical. I'm still not sure how this is only 1.5 feet longer than my Mini, but has 2 extra doors and more than 3x the rear cargo volume!

Oh also - 30 y/o mechanical design engineer working in product development at Trek Bicycles in Wisconsin.
Hey VW enthusiast,

Im coming out of Wyoming/Colorado. For the first time ever have left behind tuning, modding, and working on Hondas for the last 18 years. Im excited for this next chapter. I have already fell in love with this car, and got pretty lucky with grabbing this imo. Has 60k miles and was owned by an elder lady who lived on a ranch and seemed garaged for years. No body damage or rust, and only some clear peeling issues since they did not appear to use paint protection over the years. For a 2008, I feel is pretty solid. Look forward to what this will look like eventually modded, cleaned up and sitting proper. Gonna include a pic of my last project Honda and my new 5spd Rabbit
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Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood
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Car Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light
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Hi everyone,
We just bought a '17 Beetle on an impulse. My wife drove a '66 for a couple Winters to university here in NB. Her sister drove with her & was tasked with scraping ice from the inside of the windshield !
I've mentioned to her over the years we should look for another to restore/repair. Fate had it on the way home from dinner out we saw this one, a very modern version, in a driveway FOR SALE. Original owner drove it for 2 years then moved from Canada to Florida. Import laws at the time stated the car needed to have factory TPMS to be eligible for import. This car doesn't have it so it sat in a garage since. We turned around, took it for a drive & bought it on the spot.
Fun car to drive & more of a 2 seater than a 4 seater. Get loads of comments on the Classic wheels & the Bottle Green paint. Car was loaded with many options including Fender stereo, fog lights , sliding glass roof etc.
I'll be asking a few questions here soon. Post pics soon.
Steve C
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Hi all, my name is Johnny, just bought a 2022 teguan SE R, love it
Hi all, my name is Johnny, just bought a 2022 teguan SE R, love it
Does anyone know if the 2022 Tiguan SE R has auto dimming headlights?
Hi everyone from southern Alberta. Brand new member here, but long time VW owner. 2006 Jetta TDI 5 speed manual. I've had the car for about 7 years now and have put on nearly 300K km. Sitting at 640K. Best car I have ever owned!(y)
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