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Hi I'm Paul and owner for 25th Anniversary Golf GTI but just been informed i need a new engine!!!! Wanting to join the forum to get advice on what i should do with what was a nice car!! Basically it was a low pressure oil fault which in the end caused engine failure. On closer inspection by the garage various valves are broken as well as piston damage. I basically need a new engine.

I would get £100 scrap for the car which is a huge loss in money and also a loss of what was a great car to me. It had recently had new brake pads, discs and tyres fitted. Tyres alone for the car cost me £130 each.

Looking for advice on what i should do with the car. Is there other 1.8T engines that would possibly be straight swap? Where could i possibly find one? How much labour cost will this be? Do you think anyone would be willing to buy the car and repair it themselves. Any advice would be appreciated.

For some reason this introduction section is the only section of the forum i have permission to post. Can anyone advise how i don't have permission to post in more relevant Mark IV section?

Thanks in advance
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