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Hi everybody,

My name is Zachariah, and I've been a car addict since I was around 4 years old. I started by "helping" my dad work on our vehicles, and grew to love the process. I have had many cars and have always done my best to make them run smoothly or better than when I bought them.

My latest addition is my 2002 MK4 GTi 1.8T.
So far I have added an APR intake, fixed the coolant system and as soon as I have the time I already have a high performance radiator and all new coolant hoses to install. I have all new rotors and ceramic brake pads to install, and I pulled the headboard and columns to reupholster the interior. I got a sweet MOMO steering wheel to drop in, and a new turn signal arm to fix the turn signals and cruise control.

I'm running on 19" wheels with four wheel fully adjustable coil overs, installed by the previous owner. My baby needs a lot of TLC, with electrical issues, vaccuum leaks, and some misfires, but I will have her fixed up nicely very soon with a little help from the government and their graciously refunding me the money I overpaid them in taxes.

A few really strange issues are the recirculate switch for the AC doesn't recirculate, but instead turns on the emergency brake light. I have misfires on two different cylinders, which I think will be fixed by after market upgrades of the coils. She doesn't have any oil leaks so that's a plus. And she's running strong.

I am pretty technical minded, so I am looking for a programing chip to be able to make adjustments in the computer to boost power and gas mileage.

I plan on adding a new header and full 3" exhaust system, and will be practicing some Tig welding very shortly to make sure it will be perfectly done.

My wheels have a strange buildup on them, I'm assuming because it was a beach car, but nothing I've tried has been able to remove the crustaceans. So Either I sandblast and paint or anodize them?

I've upgraded the stereo and sound system, and will be looking to install a higher output alternator soon as well.

I purchased the Bently manuals and am currently trying to track down the electrical culprit so I can fix those issues.

I bought the car for 2k and have about 6k into it now, but to have my first perfect and badass car ever, It's totally worth it.

Any pointers, help, references, suggestions, and warnings are more than welcome from those of you more knowledgeable than myself.

I know that little engine light is her way of telling me she loves me.
Keep the Dub Alive!
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