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I bought a 2010 Jetta TDI in September, and I love the car – But I really need to find out who is having the issues I am having so far.

Here they are, in chronological order:

1) Noisy (ratcheting noise) in center consol

-first of all, I know it has a ratcheting system in the center consol, but when the car was new, it was silent, so silent in fact, that I didn’t realize that it had a ratcheting mechanism in it.

-took the car in and they eventually replaced the consol after they ordered the correct one

-two weeks later, the ratcheting started again

2) Cruise control set-point problem

-When adjusting the set-point for the cruise control, the set point fluctuates, for example, if I am adjusting it down from 65 to 60, the set point will (while pushing the button) go: 65, 64, 68, 67, 65, 64, 61, 60 – this is an example, but a good idea of what it will do 50-60% of the time.

-I took the car in and showed them the issue (video from my phone), they scheduled an appointment, worked on it, spoke to a VW advisor and decided that it was probably a sending module in the transmission that sends speed information to the computer – they replaced it, and it seemed to fix it – for a week.

3) Rattle in the passenger side door when closing

-took into the dealer, ended up being a torx bolt that holds the door skin on, easy fix, re-torque and I’m on my way
4) Driver door misaligned

-noticed the weather stripping on the rear driver side door being rubbed by the driver door, progressively got worse, inhibiting the door from closing properly every time (bouncing open to safety latch)

-inspected further and noticed the top hinge bolt was FINGER tight

With the console I chocked it up as an issue I was just going to have to deal with – a common problem like a squeak in the dash or a rattling speaker grille. But now that I’m having all of these issues with the cruise control, and it’s starting to look like they didn’t torque any of the damn bolts from the factory, it’s really starting to get me spooked on the QC at the factory!

So my car is at the dealer right now (going on day 4) and they’re waiting for a VW advisor to be on site to assess the problem and try to trace down the problem with the cruise control, re-aligning the door and doing god knows what with the center consol (I specifically told them, if it needs to be jimmy rigged, don’t bother, I’ll live the with ratcheting) – oh, and the detail department is fixing the insane amount of clearcoat scratches caused by the capable hands of the service wash staff.

So far, 4 months of ownership has resulted in 4 trips to the service dept, and 3 rental cars.

Is anyone having these problems? If not, have you heard of them being common? Needless to say, this is getting a little old...
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