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1) I've had water problems for years that three previous mechanics have tried to fix. It's going into the shop a fourth time tomorrow. I'm guessing leaves are getting into the drainage tubes of the sunroof, which I leave cracked open most of the year.

2) We have had 2-3 weeks of steady rain, the carpets got saturated, and there are visible mold spores on the seats. I lifted the carpet and saw mold on the floor, but have not seen any on the carpet. However, I assume it is in there as well. After one week of no rain and the doors and trunk open all day, the carpets are still wet.

Now I need to replace the carpets and all seat covers. I will have to completely strip both, so I'm not sure universal covers are going to work. Any sources MK4-specific seat covers and carpets?

The carpets seem easy. StockInteriors.com has them for $165, and they aren't going to be as critical, imo. The seat covers are more important. I just want serviceable fabric or vinyl, but I do want a decent fit. This is a 20 yo Golf that is rarely driven and sits in the sun 95% of the time. I just want it to be functional and safe.
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