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Hello! I recently purchased a Jetta 2.0 from a friend, he had it randomly die on him, if he waited about 30 minutes it would start and run for about 30 minutes, this kept happening until one day it didn't start up, he thought it might have been the ECU and swapped it for a new one, never started for him.

I came and took a look at it and noticed it wasn't getting a spark, car looks like it's in good condition and everything seems in order but it isn't getting a spark.

From the story the dude told me I figured that it was a crankshaft position sensor, after the installation I went to go start it and happy to hear my new Jetta for the first time, I was very disappointed when it never started up..

I've replaced, Coil Pack, Crankshaft Position Sensor

The distributor seems to be in order, the injectors are pulsing (Test light turns on when you stop cranking, no CEL)

I tested the connector to the coilpack
Key off

Pin 1 & 3 are grounded out
Pin 2 nothing

Key on

Pin 1 positive
Pin 2 nothing
Pin 3 ground

Any ideas?
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