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Hey folks,

We have a 2008 VW Golf City here in Canada. I had been in an accident before and the headlight assemblies have been changed out. I am not sure if they replaced them with stock lights or even 2008 lights. The car was a rebuild and the purchase price was right so we bought it knowing it had been in an accident.

I am new to the VW scene and hope to gather as much info as I can about these great little cars.

That said, what forum is the best fit for a 2008 Golf City? MK*?

I don't want to cross post stuff.


The car tracks great and runs well with the exception of the lights. They are yellowed like mad and I have taken a polisher to it with decent results, however they are yellowed again. That is not the only issue I have with the lights. The adjustment gears are hosed. All corroded and I can't adjust them much at all. I have been looking to replace both assemblies but can't seem to track down reasonably priced replacements.

Here in Canada the prices seem stupidly high.

Left OEM $720-
Part number 1JE941015D

Right OEM $482-
Part number 1JE941016D

No idea why the jump for left to right either.

Any suggestions for replacing the headlight assemblies?

Any help would be appreciated.

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