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I need some advice on how to proceed with some issues I'm having with 2000 Passat wagon. Last week, I went out to unlock my car via the button on my key fob, and my car was unresponsive. Then I tried to unlock the car manually, but since I've never unlocked the car manually before, the locking mechanism in the driver's door seems to have frozen. Thinking the battery was dead in my fob, I walked to the drug store and got another set of batteries and changed them in the fob. I tried the fob again, and it didn't work.

Turns out, the battery on my car died after my husband left the lights on. The tow guy came and opened the car and jumped the battery, and tried to start it. The alarm went off because the car had been "broken into". I unlocked the doors with the unlock button on the driver's side door, and was then able to start the car.

Unfortunately, my key fob still doesn't work. It will start my car, but I can't unlock or lock my car via the remote. Additionally, the manual lock doesn't work because its frozen from not being used.

Can anyone advise me? I can't lock my car...
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