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Hello everyone,

I've had the 2017 VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI 4Motion for four years now and a few weeks ago the keyless entry on the driver's door stopped working out of the blue. No matter how long I keep my hand inside the handle, it doesn't unlock. The same applies to locking. Both unlocking/locking with the key and on the passenger's side works fine.

I sent the car to the dealer and after a costly check-up, they determined that the keyless mechanism was faulty and needed replacement. Apparently it only has a two-year warranty! Is this commonplace? I'd expect this thing to work for much longer than two years, especially given that it wasn't damaged but stopped working by itself.

In any case, they're asking for a hefty sum to replace it. Is there any workaround to this without replacing the part? Has anybody else had the same experience/problem?

Thank you in advance!
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