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KT200 and PCMtuner which one is better?

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Both KT200 and PCMtuner are ECU Programmers, they both have the function of Read and write ECU data.

KTM200 is new update ECU programmer supports ECU maintenance chip tuning, DTC code removal, OBD/BOOT/BDM/JTAG, and multiple protocols. The hardware of KT200 ECU programmer is Master version.

PCMtuner is poweful ECU Chip Tuning tool can read and write ECU data via OBD, BENCH, BOOT and OBDvr modes. PCMtuner performs a complete backup of ECU data, easy ECUs clones, and power upgrades. PCMTuner can support read and write gearboxes. It can also read and write the current most models on the market, covering European airs, Japanese cars, some American cars, Chinese cars, supporting some Volkswagen Audi gearboxes, and models equipped with delphi control systems.

Comparison: PCMTuner vs. KTM200
Font Gadget Audio equipment Electronic device Cable
Automotive lighting Product Gadget Font Cable
Software languageEnglish, Russian Italian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Turkish
DongleUSB Smart DongleNo dongle
Master or Slave versionMasterMaster
Offline/onlineWorks offline, VR need online.Must work online
Operation modeBench, boot and OBD modeBench, Boot, BDM/KTAG and OBD mode
ECU typesBosch, magneti marelli, continental or siemensBosch, magneti marelli, continental, denso, Delco, Temic or siemens
Virtual Readingonline access to VR filesfree VR files in ECUHelp program
Checksum calculationYesYes
License67 modules in 1 (MODULE LIST)Auto version: 7 license
Car OBD, Truck OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG, TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear
Full version: 10 license
Car OBD, Truck OBD, Tractor OBD , Boat OBD, Motorbike OBD , Full System , BDM/JTAG , TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear
Support DTC GearboxYesYes
Audi VAG GearboxYesYes
PCR .1YesYes
EDC16with Fetrotech pluginYes
Read ISNNoNo
MG1 MD1with Fetrotech pluginYes, built-in
VR server and filesYesYes
With wiring diagramYesYes
Tuner accountYesYes
Free damaos for tunerYesYes
Ticket system for supportYesNo
Clone ECU and TCUYesYes
Car OBDYesYes
Truck OBDNoYes
Tractor OBDNoFull version Yes
Basic version No
Boat OBDNoFull version Yes
Basic version No
Motorbike OBDNoFull version Yes
Basic version No
Technical supportGoodUnknown
J2534 passthru work for multi diagnostic toolYesNo
PluginMPM, Fetrotech Tool and moreFeature addon modules
Update & SubscriptionPCMTuner free update online, No subscription, No annual fee, No monthly fee.Need annual subscription
Never update PCM-Flash

Which one is better? what is your idea?
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