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Moving Traffic Violations - Covered!
Defense of all covered non-criminal and non-commercial moving traffic violations. Service is available 15 days after enrollment.

Car Guys love to drive, it's what we do. Sometimes we may even creep above the speed limits, come on you know it happens. If the Boys in Blue just so happen to be in the right place at the wrong time, you are covered, not only are you covered in your home State, but you are covered in 48 other States. (Sorry Alaska we have no Legalshield Provider Law Firm up there.) If you get a ticket in your home State of while visiting or vacationing in another state, all you have to do is call your Provider Law Firm or use our app to take a picture of the ticket and send it in. Its that simple. All this at the price of the plan for your State. No Extra Costs. Our plans not only cover you, buthe they also cover family members as long as you sign up for our family plan. Everyone is protected for the same price.

Accident Protection - Covered!
Defense for any criminal charge for manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, or vehicular homicide, arising from the permitted use of a licensed motor vehicle. Service is available 15 days after enrollment.

Hopefully nothing like this happens to any of us, but should the unthinkable happen, you will not have to go at it alone or wonder who to call or be concerned about how much the retainer is going to be because you are already covered. You pick up the phone and call your Provider Law Firm. Once again this protection isn't just in your home State but it extends to 48 other States excluding Alaska.

Trial Defense Services - Covered!
Assistance if you or your spouse are named defendant or respondent in a covered civil action suit.

Trial Defense covers you against any Civil lawsuits brought against you, but let's stay in the Car Guy arens. Let's say you have an accident that doesn't lead to the criminal charges losted above, but does lead to a civil law suit of some kind against you for whatever reason, again you are covered.

Advice and Consultation - Covered!
Toll-free phone consultations with your Provider Law Firm for any personal legal matter even on pre-existing conditions.

Advice and Consultation like Trial Defense covers a myriad of situations, but for the Car Guyy this service will come in handy often. Car Guys love buying items for there cars as much as just having the car. Unfortunately sometimes we buy from the wrong people and either we get the wrong item or the item we get doesn't work and when we try to return it or refund it we seem to run into a wall. Often times instead of calling a Lawyer we just let it go, because the price of the item isn't worth calling a lawyer or because we bought it online or out of State or at a car show, but what if all you had to do is call a lawyer and from that consult you find out the Law Firm can handle that for you regardless of the State you bought it in and all for the price of membership? How much would a service like that have saved you over the years?

That's what Legalshield can do for you.
LegalShield and IDShield Combination Video

Willie aka GENXER
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Webpage: https://goo.gl/g5h09e
Sign Up Page: https://goo.gl/YhDtXV
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