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Legalshield has many legal plans available and for the most part the plans are the same and so are the prices, but there are several States where the plans and prices are slightly different. I could list each plan for the 49 covered States (Sorry Alaska) in the US and 4 Provinces of Canada, but its much simpler to use the link below for that.

If your State or Province is listed in the picture below, excluding TX and VA (Already Licensed) please contact me via PM or email before you sign up. The States listed below all have an additional licensing requirement for Legalshield Associates to sale Legal Plans in those States. These additional requirements do not however apply to ID Shield Plans. You are free to sign up for ID Shield Plans in all 50 States and the Four Provinces of Canada.

To access a snapshot of all the covered plan details.
Open link below/ Select Learn More under Legal Plans, ID Plans or Small Business Plans. You should now see a snap shot of what our plans offer.

To access Plans for your State.
Open link below/ Select Buy Now/ Select Your State
You can now view plan information for your State and Pricing should also be visible.

To access a digital copy of our Membership Contract.
Select More Plan Details and a Copy of the contract for your state with come up.

To access a PDF copy of our Membership Contract.
From the digital membership contract page if you select Membership Contract a PDF version of the contract for your state will come up. Print and Read that contract.

To Sign up for Membership.
To sign up for membership select Buy Now for the plan or plans you want and fill in the info and select your payment option and you and your family are now covered. Welcome To LegalShield! Now Live More and Worry Less.

Select this link to get started


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