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What’s up VW people,

I’m working on my girlfriends 08 VW Rabbit. It has a misfire code and a evap system code. When I drove it, it had a bad misfire and for some reason it would have trouble starting after pumping gas.

Im not a VW guy but I have a theory. Maybe the evap system leak is causing the injector to not pump at the correct PSI. I don’t know!?! Maybe…..

I figured a can of Berrymans b12 might fix the misfire. I was gonna grab a set of plugs too because it’ll be cheap reassurance. The guy at the parts stortold me the vehicle runs double platinum. This isn’t true right? I can just put in regular plugs? Also, are Bosch the OEM plugs for this or is there another brand you guys might suggest? I was just gonna get the ones below.
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I’m not sure how to track down the leak. Sniff around! Lol.

I’ll post a photo of the printout from the parts store when I get a chance so you guys can check it out.

Thanks for the help in advance everyone,
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