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Yup, I bought one of them ebay fmics. Should arrive tomorrow! Its a decent kit, been talking with a guy who is currently installing his and the fitment isn't bad at all and it fits behind the plastic inserts in the bumper.

Ive been reading about flange location for the map sensor, and I have come to the concensus that the most popular location is between the core and throttle body. I have also heard of putting it directly on the fmic.

What do you guys think is the best location?

Jb weld or aluminum weld?

Ebay map flange or 42dd?

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Mame as close to oem as possible. If there is room to put it on the intercooler then do that. If not. The only the pipe before the throttle body. Have it tig welded on. Shouldnt cost more than $50 for someone to do it.
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