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First off, I'm new to the forum and searched on MDI and looked at all the results and didn't see either of these questions answered. I apologize in advance if they were answered elsewhere and I searched on the wrong terms or something.

The supplied MDI cable (blue) that comes with 2012 models (I got a Jetta)...if you have your iPod plugged in, does the cable make the iPod turn on and off. ie - when you start the car, or turn on the stereo, does it automatically turn the iPod on...and then when you turn off the car, does it automatically shut it off?

I know it only charges it when the radio/car is on...but I'm hoping it shuts it down so it doesn't stay powered on in the glove box all the time draining the battery, then recharging, then draining again, etc.

Second question, has anybody gotten one of these:

I don't own an iPod and a $20 cable seems like a much better deal then buying one. I have a few other MP3 players, but would probably just use a 32gb thumb drive I already have lying around.


EDIT: I should probably add that I got the SE model without the Nav unit.
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