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Hello, I have an 88 Golf Cabriolet that I recently purchased and brought into a local shop that specializes in VWs for some minor work and an overall inspection. I had never been to this shop before but it came recommended to me from a couple people in town. Usually I go to a place in a town nearby where I lived previously and have never been done wrong by them, but on this particular day I was in somewhat of a rush to get the issues dealt with and didn't want to drive to the other place.

Anyhow, the new place seemed very knowledgeable about the vehicle and I was satisfied with how they handled the issues and the overall impression I got from the place and their staff. However, on the day they were finishing the repairs I got a call from them explaining that somehow the vehicle had rolled backwards with a door open and the door caught on an object and crunched backwards. They may have downplayed the extent of the damage in the initial conversation because she made it sound like it was just the hinges that were damaged. She explained they would take it to a body shop and get that fixed. A week later, I have heard back from her and been informed that the shop had to paint the door and that it will not be the exact same color as the rest of the car, due to the rest of the car being faded.

The original color was a light blue, and when I bought the car the main appeal to my girlfriend and me was that the body was in amazing condition for a car of that year. So here would be my questions:

1- What would be a reasonable extent of the difference between the door's new paint job and the paint on the rest of the vehicle? I've never had body work done on a car before. I might be okay with it being very slightly different to the point of being almost unnoticeable, but obviously anything beyond that would be a major buzzkill.

2 - What are my options for compensation out of this, and what is the recommended course of action? They haven't offered any deal really yet, I'm set to check the vehicle out on Monday and they just said they hope to work something out. It will depend on the quality of the work done, but at any rate this was quite an inconvenience and a major negligent action that I was not anticipating. The estimate for the initial work agreed upon was approximately $1000. If the paint job is near perfect and the door functions as before, I was thinking something in the range of a few hundred dollars off the price. If the paint job sucks, I am planning on asking for the cost of parts and labour waived at a minimum as a goofy looking paint job will drastically reduce the value of the car, as well as for the inconvenience of having the car gone for two weeks for minor repairs. Am I being reasonable or are this unrealistic?

I appreciate any thoughts or insight.
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