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Hi guy's,

New here and need advice from the Polo enthusiast's on adding extra's to the media system,which is auxilliary or completely replacing the unit with a more multi-functional media unit which incorporates the sat-nav,bluetooth,warning sytem,etc….
Just purchased a 2011 Polo 1.4 se 85BHP + sunroof ….I am not a techy by any stretch or a VW expert and would like advice from the forum member's....The Polo is in excellent nick ( 1 owner ) and if you guy's think it would be sacrilege to change the media set up,then I will leave well alone.
I only received the car yesterday and still need educating on the function's that it does have,but sensor parking,Sat-nav and blue tooth ( mobile ) appeal to me,maybe with Aux I can set these up but I need your input to help me decide and to move forward with your recommendation's...
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