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Hey guys,

So after just putting in a new engine that replaced and engine with low compression in one cylinder. however......

The new engine is also misfiring on cylinder 1.....absolutely gutted.
Before I go down the phone to have a piece of the guy that sold it to me is there anything that can be done to to try and rectify it.

1: Would the old engine codes from old engine affect new engine as codes still there.
2: could it be the ecu need resetting?

Checked spark plugs and coils and both are firing well. Also as far as I can tell after various checks there is no blue smoke ( although as engine is misfiring hard to tell) or oil on end of spark plug.

I know if there was oil it could be piston rings/ seals but if the spark plug is dry what could it be?

Thanks in advance

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i would first take out all the plugs clean them and the contacts on the coils/wires then i would do a compression test both dry and wet and see if the compression is good you might find that the junkyard engine you put in has a bent valve or bad rings ive had that happen on me twice in the past i personally havent touched a 1.6 as they are across the pond but im feeling that your misfire is due to a bad spark or no compression.. engine to engine shouldnt matter as long as its the same and all the connections are the same on the sensors the ecu doesnt care as long as it sees the proper sensors in place it will function normally. if you clear the codes from the old engine and you get the same codes with the new engine one of two things you have a defective ecu or it just happens that this engine has the same problem.
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