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Hey guys,

So after just putting in a new engine that replaced and engine with low compression in one cylinder. however......

The new engine is also misfiring on cylinder 1.....absolutely gutted.
Before I go down the phone to have a piece of the guy that sold it to me is there anything that can be done to to try and rectify it.

1: Would the old engine codes from old engine affect new engine as codes still there.
2: could it be the ecu need resetting?

Checked spark plugs and coils and both are firing well. Also as far as I can tell after various checks there is no blue smoke ( although as engine is misfiring hard to tell) or oil on end of spark plug.

I know if there was oil it could be piston rings/ seals but if the spark plug is dry what could it be?

Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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