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As the title states i have a few parts leftover and they need to go. All prices are OBO so PLEASE feel free to make an offer prices do NOT include shipping.
For faster response you can text me @ 413-561-5099
Thanks for looking

2.0 5 speed ECU code 037906259AA $35

smoked Hella tails $35
Small crack (on the inside does NOT leak)

Water pump (10k miles, metal blades) $25

OBD2 2.0 engine (230K+ miles runs needed a cam sensor when pulled)$100

black dash (missing radio/vent, and pass side vent) $20

Stock airbox w/ filter $15

2.0 MAF sensor and housing (see above picture) $25

Complete EVAP system $35

Master cylinder $45

Bosch Distributor $45

Black Leather e brake boot with e brake $15

Central locking pump $75

Oem fuel rail $5
BBM fuel rail $50

VR upper and lower intake mani $50

VR stock exhaust mani $40

VR oil pump $40

2.0 16v head $100

2.0 5 speed trans no reverse (not the red one), also have another with a blown diff $30ea

secondary air pumps (2 2.0, 1 vr6) $30 ea
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