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On another forum there are a few Golf owners who have been having the issue where there aircon refuses to work even if the system is gassed up and leak free, and the compressor seems to be functional but not powering up. Before spending loads of cash on controller units, swtiches etc, your problem might be a dodgy connector under the battery tray.

As I have bought another Golf that appeared to have this issue, I took some photos this evening while I fixed it, hopefully this will be of use to people?

To start with, I had a look at my old Golf, which I knew had already been repaired. under the battery tray I found the repair. I put new tape on as the old tape was showing its age, so it shows up quite nicely - it's the blue tape!:

and a bit of a close up:

So now I knew what I was looking for, I had a look at my new Golf:

Close-up of the offending connector:

Which, I cut out, soldered the ends together, heat-shrink wrapped, then covered with some more trusty blue tape and zip tied it all up to try to minimise further chafing (the blue tape on the left is another part of the loom that looked like it needed a bit of tidying up):

A drive around this evening shows the aircon is now blowing a lot colder than before (previously it was blowing hot air after 5 minutes). I'll be testing it properly on a hot day, but I'm 90% certain I've nailed it.

I hope this helps others locate and fix similar issues.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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