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So we just bought this car off a coworker, I knew the headlights were a bit buggy:

Only the brights work.
Shotty wiring in the aftermarket garbage.

The previous owner had put in aftermarket smoked headlight assemblies. I had the original lights in a box in pristine condition. So I thought "Easy, the ten pin connecters are still in beautiful shape and hadn't been tampered with in the car, easy peasy!

But...of course not. I pulled the bumper, plugged in the originals and nothing.

No headlights, no brights, no turn signals. Nothing.

The connectors look beautiful, the bulbs, everything is in brand new condition.

So then I thought "Hmm...probably the headlight switch. So I pulled the headlight switch, I read that if you ran a lead from the #2 and #7 pins on the harness that plugs into the light switch and your lights come on then you know you have a bad switch. But nothing...

The turn signal does the "fast twitch" like they do when a bulb is out.

So I've done everything I can think of, I'm hoping there's a step i'm missing that I need to "reset" the lights or something (fingers crossed).

Sorry for being so wordy,

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