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basically made this to condense our sticky section down a little bit.. it was getting a little out of hand.. the entire first page of the mk4 section was all but stickies. hopefully this helps organize everything now being that its all in one place :D :K:

anyway.. you can find anything here from mk4 parts websites, to light bulb sizes, to vw/audi oil comparison.. its all here.

MK4 OEM Wheel Gallery

What Coolant do I put in my vw?

What is a spark plug? What Does a Spark Plug do? How do i know a better plug from a stock plug? find out here

Need a step by step how to for that at home mod or that service/maitenence project? its all here:

Issue finding NGK BKR7E spark plugs for your chipped 1.8t? heres how to find them...

All About Vw Coil Packs

Trouble figuring out what a certain size tire will give you on that dream set of wide bbs wheels or those corvette wheels etc? look here.. this site is a site listed by wheel diameter, wheel width, tire size and plenty of pics of that tire mounted on that 18x9 or 17x10 inch wheel! see the tire on your wheel to see the stretch before you trial and error tires to determine the amount of stretch you need!!!!
Tyrestretch.com - Image Library

1.8t FAQ's all those answers you desperately been searching for here:


Need help on what oil to get? Never understood viscosity? dont know the difference between synthetic, syn blend, and regular? its all answered right here in this great right up about oil.

Ever wonder what exactly is an HID? ever wanted to know how to put HID's in your mk4? find out. here:

Do you have a light bulb burned out? not sure what size to buy? heres quick reference chart for you!


if you guys ever think of anything that should be added to this quick reference page.. please create a thread of the item / idea and pm myself or any other mod and we will see that the link is added into this sticky. THANKS! :K:
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