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I have a strange issue that is hard to explain. I came out from a restaurant on Saturday morning, put the key in and turned to start. almost started but died like I didn't leave the key turned long enough. Tried again and just got a single click(no cranking). I then heard what sounded like fans running(fans were off). I popped the hood and the sound was coming from the right side between the engine and the batter. the fan sound started to die down then I heard a pop. Got back in the car tried a few more times and it finally started. Drove the car home where it sits and will not start, just clicks once. My best guess is the starter but I just find the sound I was hearing to be odd since the car was off and nothing could be moving. I guess it could be the spinning motor in the starter that was winding down. Still no explanation for the pop. I am going to replace the starter tonight but any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! I love this damn car but its driving me nuts!!
Thanks everyone:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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