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Hi Guys,
I have a mk 5 2004 1.6 Golf FSI that has done 65000. Recently there has been an exhaust like vibrating noise which sounds like its coming from the gearbox when driven from cold. This almost goes when it reaches operating temperature. The idle is extremeley rough at all times and the engine really moves a lot when ticking over.I have had the spark plugs renewed, one of the ignition coils renewed as well as the cam sensor. I have been told that there is nothing unusual in the movement of the engine as "this is what these engines are like", i have been told that the rough idle is probably due to a worn camshaft, and that to rectify could cost 500 pounds plus. There are no warning lights coming on and no fault reports on the computer. Anyone have any other ideas on what it might be?
Thank you in anticipation.
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