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My cars has randomly konked on me on three separate occasions over the last year.
1. In third gear - car konked and wouldn't start again. No battery or alternator issues. Mechanic changed the fuel filter as it was dirty. Worked for about 2 months.
2. In neutral ticking over. Mechanic sprayed 'easy start' into the air filter. That got it going again. Worked for another 4/5 months. Mechanic put a tube of liquid into the fuel tank that breaks down any sediment in the tank and also cleans the fuel lines.
3. After a 5 min drive I parked up and turned off the car. Came back 2 mins later and it wouldn't start. I used the 'easy start' spray again to get it going.

I've had a lot of different opinions but nothing solid to go on yet. Is there anyone here that can help? It's a solid car but it could let me down anywhere at any time :(
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