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2018 MK7.5 GTI, 2008 MK5 R32, 22' Crossport VR6 SEL R-Line
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Hi everyone! I new to forums. I work at Burnsville VW Sales for the last year and a half. Previously worked Service for about 9yrs. I have a 2018 GTI MK7.5, MK5 R32, and a 22' Atlas Crossport VR6 SEL R-Line. The GTI is pretty much done for what I wanted to do. It has a Garrett GT2260s, tuned by IE with its True Flex Fuel Tune. It has all the supporting mods to make and handle all the power. It has been incredibly reliable, has never given me an issue, not even single check engine light. It has been such a fantastic car, absolutely love it. It is for sale unfortunately, posted on FB market. Never thought I would sell my GTI, but unexpected medical bills have now been a priority. Will now have to daily the R32. I've got a lot of oem parts for the GTI and some from the R32 in case any one needs anything. I'm a huge VW, audi, porsche enthusiast, but always have JDM in my heart Lol.
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