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For those who don't wish to use the monsoon amp for their speakers, here's a list of the wires in the green connector (that plugs in the monsoon amp) which go directly to the speakers:

polarity speaker color
--------- ----------- --------
+ LR Woofer Red/Greem
- LR Woofer Brown/Green
+ RR Woofer Blue
- RR Woofer Brown/Blue
+ LR Tweeter Brown
- LR Tweeter Black
+ RR Tweeter Black
- RR Tweeter Green
+ LF Tweeter White
- RF Tweeter Yellow
- LF Tweeter Black
+ RF Tweeter Black
- LF Woofer Brown/White
+ LF Woofer Blue/White
- RF Woofer Brown/Red
+ RF Woofer Red

RR = Right Rear
RF = Right Front
LR = Left Rear
LF = Left Front

The first color is always the predominant color and the second is a stripe.

Note: There are 4 different black wires. Be careful when connecting not to just cut all the wires off the harness as the harness shows the pin # on it. If you do this, look at the wire the black one is twisted up with. This will be the wire that is 1 pin # away from the black wire's pin #. You should be able to figure out which black wire it is from that.

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nice one dave! this is going to help me in the future!
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