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Hi Everyone - Greetings from South Africa
Having only ever driven manual cars, I am about to purchase my first automatic.
T-Cross R-Line
Note that I have never ever driven an automatic car.
The new vehicle has something called DSG - Not exactly sure what that means...anyway.
I believe that there is a manual mode with these vehicles - Under normal everyday circumstances, would I ever need to use this mode?
On the gear stick, there is an "S" - Is this for Sports Mode? In this mode, do I need to make the gear changes myself? When in manual mode, will the car automatically take over the gear changes if I am over-revving or not gearing down when slowing down?
Can I change gears using the paddles without switching to manual mode?
If I find myself behind a slow truck on a long highway and I wish to overtake, do I need to switch to manual mode, gear down to get more power and then just accelerate?

Any advice would be really appreciated

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